Shopping Tips for Whale of a Sale

Shopping Tips:

Allow time to shop:  There will be thousands of items!  Once you get inside, you’ll want time to look around.

Bring a friend and a laundry basket or reusable bag:  It’s fun to shop with a friend and a reusable bag will make it easier to carry your items. We will also have some XL IKEA bags to shop with while supplies last.

Bring a wish list:  Bring a list of items your child needs along with their sizes so you don’t miss shopping for the essentials. Remember to shop a size or two up in case of growth spurts during the season!

Use our hold process: If you see a large item, such as a stroller, exersaucer or pack and play that you wish to purchase, please remove the top copy of the tag and leave the item. Take the tag to checkout, pay for the item and then return to claim.

Be prepared to wait:  The sale is largely run with volunteer help, and we work hard to keep lines moving. Still, there will be a wait for check out.

Don’t forget the 1/2 Price Hours: Most consignors allow their items to be sold for half price during the 1/2 Price Sale. Look for “REDUCE” on the tag to indicate half price. See our Shopping Schedule for 1/2 Price Sale hours.

Shop the Pre-Sale: Consignors, Volunteers and Vendors receive passes to this exclusive event to shop before the public. A limited number of Pre-Sale passes will be available for purchase.

Purchase a Whale of a Sale-Indy South Shopping Bag: Every sale has exclusive offers for bag holders, such as early entrance, discounts and more!

Shop, save, have fun and feel good about “going green”!