Drop-off Appointment

Please select a drop-off appointment in your consignor account. It is MANDATORY that clothing arrives organized by size and gender and all hangers are facing like a “?”. Ensure all items are in clean and working condition. Battery operated items must be turned on.

Step by Step:

1) Upon entering, see a greeter who will assign a screening station. Please notify the greeter if you’re donating all unsold items as your drop-off will be expedited.

2) Drop items at your assigned screening table (with the exception of equipment, large items or purses/diaper bags that will need a hold tag.)

3) Take equipment, large items and purses/diaper bags to the HOLD section to receive a hold tag.

4) Wait in our waiting area until your name is called to come back to your table.

4) Once your screening is complete, sign your drop-off card and proceed to Check-out Desk to receive your Pre-Sale passes.

Screening Guidelines

Below are the exact guidelines that our screeners will be using at your drop-off appointment. Please take a minute to pre-screen your items to save everyone time:


  • All items must be tagged and hanging with the hanger as a “?”
  • Seasonally appropriate – We are accepting SPRING/SUMMER clothes in excellent condition-shorts, sundresses, polos, Easter dresses, lightweight coats, bathing suits, women’s spring coats.
  • Accepted Year Round:  jeans, long-sleeved t-shirts, khaki pants, school uniform pieces, layering pieces, costumes, dress-up clothing, & dancewear
  • Jeans should have minimal fraying and fading of the knees. No tears unless they are made to be distressed.
  • Zippers, buttons, Velcro and snaps are present and working.
  • No clothes that smell of smoke, pets, mothballs or musty
  • No clothes with stains
  • Baby items- closely examine collars for formula stains and bottoms for bodily fluid stains.
  • Examine cuffs of shirts.
  • Cloth Diapers- Must be fresh, clean, excellent condition
  • Check for excessive wear on sweaters, PJ’s, and hoodies.
  • No camp and vacation shirts. Socks, onesies, burp rags and underwear new in package accepted.
  • All must be tasteful and age appropriate. No profanity, nudity, or alcoholic references.
  • IN DEMAND BRANDS: You may be a little more lenient with Matilda Jane, Tea Collection, Boden, Janie and Jack, Crewcuts and Boutique Clothing as these brands are highly sought after.


  • Please be selective.
  • Spring/Summer shoes only- No winter boots
  • Clean top and soles – no mud.
  • Securely fastened to each other & TAGGED well.
  • No heavily scratched leather, worn toes, or dented toes.
  • Good amount of tread on sole.
  • Trim must be in good shape – not missing or peeling.


  • Toys must be very clean.
  • All toys must work – batteries must be included and working.
  • All pieces must be present and no broken pieces.
  • Stuffed animals are accepted under the following guidelines: move, talk, play music
  • Verify the following have all pieces, items match their covers and not damaged or obviously scratched: games, puzzles, video games, discs, DVDs 
  • Games must be child-friendly or family-friendly games


We do not accept the following items unless they are NEW in box.

  • Breast Pump components (will take the actual machine)
  • Kid potties or seats
  • Diaper pails
  • Underwear
  • Pacifiers
  • Feeding supplies
  • Onesies unless part of an outfit or thicker
  • Receiving blankets